Holiday Jump Start

Here’s a little secret… The holidays don’t NEED to be times of excess! Many times people decide to have that “last hurrah” and go crazy from Halloween, straight through Thanksgiving and Christmas, right up to New Years Eve. That doesn’t have to be the case. Wouldn’t it be great to wrap up 2014 in great shape and with great habits established? Just think about how you will feel having a jump start on beginning 2015 in a great, healthy place!!! If you order a 24 Day Challenge today, you can start by Monday, December 8th and be done before the New Year. I just made it through Thanksgiving eating and drinking to moderation and felt great. I didn’t deny myself but didn’t go crazy either. The holidays are time for family, friends and celebrations but it doesn’t mean that you need to end the year living like it’s your last chance to go all out before buckling down in the new year. It’s never too early to do something for yourself and for your health.

Give yourself the gift of GOOD HEALTH this holiday season!!

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Blessed and Balanced!

Today was proof! I really know for sure that this is a Lifestyle and not a diet!!! Today was a blessed Thanksgiving Day and I’m so happy to have both of my children home for the first time in many years!! I ate some delicious food and didn’t pass up the wine with dinner but I didn’t GO CRAZY and I didn’t want to either!! That super uncomfortable full feeling was not what it was about for me today! I ate good whole food, one piece of bread and one piece of dessert (my favorite Portuguese custard cups, Pasteis de Nata) and took my Carb Ease Plus to help counteract the larger than normal amount of carbs that I consumed today but honestly… no guilt, and I feel great! Carb Ease is to be taken on those occasions when you consume more carbs than normal, like a special occasion, dessert, or cheat meal. It’s an herbal supplement that inhibits the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats and supports fat metabolism.

I’ve been up since 5:00 and started my day off with Spark and kept going all day and even decided to take down the Fall decor and pull out the the Christmas linens and put up my tree. Right now, I’m making stock (can’t let a good carcass go to waste…) and tomorrow morning I’ll head to the gym because I have no school. When I say that I feel great, that’s no lie… I truly am reaching my goal of being Fit at 50! AdvoCare has been the game changer for me!! I would love for you to see how incredible these products are and what a fantastic lifestyle it is!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving… And if you did happen to overdo it, tomorrow is another day… Why not make the decision to go into the holiday season with good habits rather than wait until the new year? Contact me! I can help!!

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Pasteis de Nata


Bloodwork results!!

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As the blog title suggests, my goal is to be Fit at 50 and I have specifically stated that I want to be in better shape (inside and out) at 50 than I was at 40. So far, I have lost 23 pounds since beginning an AdvoCare 24 day challenge at the end of July. I’ve continued on the MNS3, Metabolic Nutrition System supplements and follow the healthy eating guidelines. Admittedly, I didn’t exercise as much as I would have liked due to a broken toe but still managed to keep moving. I am thrilled with the way my body looks and most especially the way I feel but the ultimate confirmation for me occurred this week when I got my bloodwork results. My cholesterol has DROPPED 48 points since last year!!!!!! It’s the lowest it has EVER been since I’ve been having it checked at my yearly physical. ADVOCARE works!! I stand behind these products 100% and so do all of the endorsers, team of doctors and scientists and the many people who see and feel RESULTS! What are your goals? I can help you smash them!


Sleep: Pillar of Wellness

Ahhhhh…. nothing beats a great night of sleep! I’m ready to face today feeling refreshed and energized. SleepWorks is fantastic and is part of the Well line for a reason!! Don’t spend another sleepless night.. try it today!!

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One of the four pillars of wellness is getting enough sleep. I truly believe that one of the causes of my weight gain over the years can be attributed to the lack of good solid sleep. After being thrust into surgical menopause I went through a few years of literally waking up dozens of times a night with night sweats. Initially, I woke up several times per hour sweating and would need to swap pillows and change clothes. Thankfully, that has waned but I still rarely sleep through the night. I especially have difficulty if I wake up from a hot flash and have a lot on my mind. The hot flash wakes me up but the “wheels spinning” factor is what keeps me up.

It’s important to get enough deep sleep so that the organs can rest and the nervous system can work properly. The body requires uninterrupted deep REM sleep in order to rejuvenate. Cells repair and growth hormones are released. Sleep also affects mood, energy, memory, physical and mental abilities and overall wellness. In addition, if you don’t get enough sleep, the adrenaline and cortisol hormones rise causing your body to retain weight!

In order to get a good night’s sleep, I try to:

  • stick to a schedule (On work nights I love to get my clothes and bags prepared the night before and get into bed early.)
  • keep my room cool and lights low
  • relax before bed with a book and hot herbal tea
  • write down my list of things To Do in my calendar so that I can give myself permission to not think about it if I wake up
  • exercise during the day

Despite these things, my hormonal issues wake me up and I don’t sleep the night. I’ve begun taking SleepWorks and have noticed a change! I’ve been falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up refreshed! It contains botanical ingredients, melatonin, vitamins and minerals. As always, AdvoCare products are developed and researched by a full science and medical board. I trust them and am very thankful for a good night’s sleep!

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Get Sparked!

I’m working from home today because it’s Veterans’ Day. (Thank you, Veterans for your service!) I’m up to my eyeballs in paperwork and it’s time for a boost. My favorite pick-me-up is Spark Energy Drink and I’m enjoying some right now. 🙂 It’s delicious, sugar free and gives me sustained energy. It contains over 20 vitamins and minerals and comes in a number of delicious flavors. My current faves are fruit punch and grape but I haven’t tried a single flavor that I don’t like. Spark is affordable too, especially compared to the multiple DD runs (Dunkin Donuts) that so many locals make each day or soda or energy drinks that people purchase at convenience stores. Personally, I keep a canister at work and just mix up with water while there. I literally drink water from the time I get up until the time I go to bed and first thing in the morning and after lunch I “Spark it up!” Why not give it a try? Your DD obsession just might be coming to an end!!

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I love being home! Everyone knows that already. Being able to get up early and start my day off the right way makes me smile. I’ve been fighting a sore throat and got new glasses so I’ve had a bit of a headache all week and it would have been so easy to lounge out this morning. But, I made the decision to head to the gym to start my day. It’s amazing how momentum works… the more you do, the more you want to do. 🙂 I’m doing great on my journey and have lost over 20 pounds since starting my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge this summer. Despite being really busy with work, after school programs, board meetings and my volunteer time I’m managing it all. I’m LIVING the life! While still following healthy eating guidelines and taking my AdvoCare supplements I’m not on a “diet”. I’m living life and balancing in a healthy way. I still have a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend and go out to eat but it’s all in moderation. During the week, I’m living a structured, clean lifestyle. On the weekends, I’m relaxing a bit. This is definitely the way I’m happy and can do this for the long haul.

I’m thankful that my broken toe is almost completely healed and I’m so happy to be active again! The more I move, the more I want to! AdvoCare has been just the boost I need and I’m happy to share the healthy life with you all!

Taking Care of Myself

I woke up under the weather today on this cold, rainy day. I’m actually impressed that I haven’t gotten sick sooner due to the amount of sickness that has occurred in my classroom already this year. Unfortunately, there’s lots of boogies, coughing and sneezing in my face, saliva and used tissues around that I deal with. All of those things are teaching points and need constant modeling and prompting of the proper way to handle those functions of daily living.

One of the (many) things I love about weekends is having time to make a nice hot breakfast. I had some mushrooms in the fridge and always love eggs so that was my choice today. I like coconut oil and enjoy the flavor it adds. It’s not to everyone’s liking but it is for me so that’s what I used. If I wasn’t in the mood for it I would have used olive oil. Some hot Spark completed my meal since I needed something warm which was perfect for my congestion.

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Part of taking care of myself not only includes eating right, taking AdvoCare supplements and exercising but also getting enough rest and slowing down when needed. Admittedly, the latter is something that I often struggle with and have to try hard to do. Today, I’m listening to my body and making the right choice! 🙂

So, my plans to go to the gym today were nixed but I still needed to run some errands and now I’m happily home with the pellet stove lit. I am snuggled up in my hoodie and sweats and have no plans to leave the house until it’s time to go to work on Monday. (We were going to spend the night out but I don’t want to be anyplace but home!) I plan on listening to my body and getting as much rest as I can this weekend so I’m ready to jump right back into my crazy-busy life on Monday.