Feeling Fab and Fit@50!


Feeling fantastic!!! I’m so happy with this lifestyle and how I’m looking and feeling!! I’m loving how much energy I have, how my body has changed and how my cholesterol is down. I also love that I can help people to experience the same success and feelings that I am having! AdvoCare has been the difference maker in my life!! Let me help me help yourself too! Join my team and Get Fit@AnyAge!!! Email me if you want to get in on the National 24 Day Challenge…. Don’t miss out!!

kaycee1964 @ gmail.com

Merry Christmas! Loving and living!!


It was a fantastic holiday for me and I got to spend it the way I like to, with a family party on Christmas Eve then a quiet day at home (in PJs) on Christmas Day. It’s our tradition and have always politely declined all invites on Christmas Day, instead making a nice dinner and opening our doors to family who want to join us. I’m living my life in balance and the holiday wasn’t the time to deny myself what I wanted, yet I didn’t go crazy. Exactly like Thanksgiving, I ate and drank what I wanted but in moderation. Today is the 26th and after two days of holiday, I’m back on track tightening up my diet and omitting alcohol.


I’m excited that I already have a nice group of friends and family members to be joining me in the AdvoCare National 24 Day Challenge beginning on the January 7th. They are running a huge promotion and if you want to get in, please contact me! (To get the deal, you can’t just order directly. Shoot me an email and I’ll go over the options for ordering with you!) I love this lifestyle, love helping people and am so psyched to be joining in with a big group of people getting healthy and fit in 2015!!



Merry Christmas! If you have been on the fence due to finances and got some cash for Christmas why not give yourself the best gift you can? Join me in the Advocare National 24 Day Challenge to get fit and healthy. What better gift to give yourself than the gift of good health?! Email me for more info and to join my team in the national challenge kicking off January 7th!! We can do this together!!! Game on!! Kaycee1964@gmail.com#advocare #allin #allin2015 #goals #getfit #fitat50#wellness #weightloss #webuildchampions#24daychallenge

ALL IN for 2015!!!!

I have had such HUGE success with AdvoCare that I want to shout it from the rooftops!! I so want to help others to feel the way I feel!! Now is the best time to get in as there will be a HUGE National 24 Day Challenge beginning January 7th. The support is going to be off the hook!!! If you are at all thinking about doing this, the TIME IS NOW!! email me for details on this special offer: kaycee1964@gmail.com ALL PRE-ORDERS NOW – JAN1 receive the following:

*FREE shaker cup
*FREE goal bracelet (set your goal and keep on until you reach it)
*FREE 24 day meal plan
*FREE coaching
*NATIONAL Facebook page for all challengers
*No CHARGES until after Christmas

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I am inspired and ready to change lives!! The time is now! I actually had to hunt for a before picture and this one isn’t even at my highest weight but it was taken this summer. There weren’t any others on the camera roll because I deleted them all if I looked too fat. This one was there because I could crop out the belly before posting but here it is untouched for all to see. My results are evident but what you can’t see are the changes on the inside, like how I feel, how much energy I have, cholesterol down 48 points, joint pain and stiffness gone! Not to mention the feeling of gratitude and satisfaction I get by helping others to make positive changes in their lives as well! I can help you be the best you can be! Get ready for 2015 and join me for a 24daychallenge! I’ve got new goals and I know I can achieve them too!
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Time to choose the life you want! I am All In! Some people say “why me?” I am saying “WHY NOT ME?” I have made a commitment to better health and living my best life possible. I can help you with your goals too! Please join me in the National Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I am committed to improve my own health and committed to help you with whatever your goals are. Email me or comment with your email below for more information. This is epic!!
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Advocare Mixer!

Noun 1. mixer a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity

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A lot of people have been commenting on my weight loss and have been asking what I am doing. I proudly explain that, although I’ve tried many things in the past, the addition of AdvoCare and the good nutrition guidelines outlined in The 24 Day Challenge have been the difference maker for me. I want to shout it from the rooftops! I’m feeling great and want to see others enjoy the great success that I’m having so I am having an informational mixer to bring people together to hear about it, learn about the nutritional supplements and the company. It’s a great time to think about the start of 2015 and making a plan for a healthier you. I hope you can join me and bring along anyone who you think would be interested in hearing about how AdvoCare could be a solution for them as well!

*** Come listen, learn, share. *** No need to buy anything.*** Will be short and sweet 🙂

Send me an email kaycee1964 @ gmail.com, text, or drop me a direct message on Facebook with questions and/or to RSVP