Happy Tears!

It’s Day 11 of the National All-In 24 Day Challenge and I am coaching a nice group of folks through it and today was a big “pay day” for me… I’m not talking about a monetary pay check, rather I was paid with feelings of gratitude and happiness. I heard from so many of the 20+ people who are participating in this challenge group and everyone was feeling great, had lost weight and inches and was so happy with the program and learning to eat for life! The 24 Day Challenge is all about good, healthy, whole foods and nutritional supplementation. It’s not a fad diet, a crash diet, diet pills or a magic pill!! It’s about eating right, taking the right supplements (backed by a full science/medical team) adopting healthy habits, exercise and being coached by someone who truly cares about you and wants to see you succeed. I LOVE THIS COMPANY and love what it’s done and is already doing for those that I love! I can help you too! Let’s chat about your goals and what AdvoCare can do for you!!! Why not start with a 24 Day Challenge? I’m sure you will love it!! kaycee1964ATgmail.com

Here’s just one 10 day cleanse result. I got so many emails and posts on our private Facebook support page from people sharing their results so far. This is just the beginning!!! Game On!!!

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Wooohooooo!! This CHAMPION is already seeing great results just 10 days into the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!! I am so proud of you @kelseagodek for making a positive change your life! If you missed out on the ‪#‎Allin‬ national ‪#‎24daychallenge‬ it’s not too late to take charge of your life, health and weight! There is another big challenge group starting on my team January 26th and you could even win $500 for the best transformation. Email kaycee1964 at gmail.com for details. This is a FOOD based program that teaches you how to eat for life!! I would love to coach you too!!Www.kcardoza.com ‪#‎advocare‬ #24daychallenge ‪#‎goals‬ ‪#‎webuildchampions‬‪#‎choosethelifeyouwant‬ ‪#‎getfit‬ ‪#‎weightloss‬ ‪#‎wellness‬ ‪#‎eatclean‬ ‪#‎10daycleanse‬

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(Instagram kjcardoza)

Love getting feedback from those that I care about telling me how much they are loving the 24 Day Challenge thus far! This program is based on science and focuses on healthy whole foods and nutritional supplementation. I trust it and recommend it to those that I love! I love helping others be the best that they can be and can help you too!!! Shoot me an email to hear how. Kaycee1964@gmail.com www.kcardoza.com‪#‎advocare‬ ‪#‎wellness‬ ‪#‎webuildchampions‬ ‪#‎fitat50‬ ‪#‎getfit‬ ‪#‎eatclean‬‪#‎choosethelifeyouwant‬ ‪#‎tearsofjoy‬ #helpingothers


AdvoCare Mixer

Missed getting on board with 90,000 of us for the national All-In 24 Day Challenge? Curious about what AdvoCare is all about? Join me for an informational mixer to listen and learn what this amazing company is all about and what it can do for you and your goals!! Email for location details! Bring some friends!!

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All-In Advocare Challenge is On!!

I’m beyond excited to be embarking on another 24 Day Challenge, this time with over 90,000 people across the nation!!! I personally have a group of over 20 doing either the full 24 Day Challenge or 10 Day cleanse program with me! We’re on Day 3 and so far everyone seems to be doing great!! I am communicating with my group via email and also set up a secret Facebook group so that we can support one another and share daily. That’s the beauty of AdvoCare… not just fantastic products but the coaching (support and guidance, food guide, shopping list, recipes, workout plan) that comes with it!!

It’s never too late to take a challenge so contact me (kaycee1964ATgmail.com) or go right to my site if you want to do it!!!! I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

As for me, I relaxed my eating and drinking over the Christmas holidays and gained a couple of pounds but mainly stuck to my healthy lifestyle. I’m back to 100% with this challenge and feel great! The nutrition plan is something that I can live with for life and is just part a healthy lifestyle. I love that it’s practical and realistic for life. Living 90/10 is living! (During the challenge, I’m more strict but I’m talking about Day 25 and beyond…)

Tomorrow I’m off to AdvoNation and am very excited to be sharing the experience with thousands of champions who “get it” and whose lives have been touched by AdvoCare. As of now, I’ve personally felt the health and wellness benefits but plan to enjoy the business benefit side as I build my team by helping more people help people!! GAME ON!!


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