AdvoCare All-In 2016: Crushing goals!

Alllllllll Aboard!!!!  Time to ride the AdvoCare All-In Express!  I’m taking part in the 2016 nationwide 24 Day Challenge along with over 128 thousand Americans!  No worries though, if you didn’t get in this group, I have groups starting every Monday.  Right now, I’m on Day 2 which is part of the cleanse phase. This is not what you think…. I’m eating real food and plenty of it. I’ve had success with the challenge in the past and have been living a life of balance for the past year but it’s time to “change the oil” and get back to basics and set some new goals. I’m ready for the discipline and success that it will bring.  AdvoCare is helping me with my health goals and my financial ones as well. There are literally products for everything to provide solutions for energy, weight loss, performance, general health and even skin care. I am building a business and my paycheck just represents the number of people that I am helping!!!  I am a teacher at heart and love helping others. I’m looking for like minded people who want to join my team, change some lives and live the life of our dreams!!  Let’s connect TODAY!










Food Prep is key!


Packaging up my  supplements for days 1-10 for easy grab and go.


Words to live by!


Today’s lunch!  Yes, this is a cleanse!!!




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