AdvoCare All-In 2016: Crushing goals!

Alllllllll Aboard!!!!  Time to ride the AdvoCare All-In Express!  I’m taking part in the 2016 nationwide 24 Day Challenge along with over 128 thousand Americans!  No worries though, if you didn’t get in this group, I have groups starting every Monday.  Right now, I’m on Day 2 which is part of the cleanse phase. This is not what you think…. I’m eating real food and plenty of it. I’ve had success with the challenge in the past and have been living a life of balance for the past year but it’s time to “change the oil” and get back to basics and set some new goals. I’m ready for the discipline and success that it will bring.  AdvoCare is helping me with my health goals and my financial ones as well. There are literally products for everything to provide solutions for energy, weight loss, performance, general health and even skin care. I am building a business and my paycheck just represents the number of people that I am helping!!!  I am a teacher at heart and love helping others. I’m looking for like minded people who want to join my team, change some lives and live the life of our dreams!!  Let’s connect TODAY!










Food Prep is key!


Packaging up my  supplements for days 1-10 for easy grab and go.


Words to live by!


Today’s lunch!  Yes, this is a cleanse!!!




Sharing my heart <3

I’m so blessed and excited to have been able to share my heart and my journey with a roomful of Champions at our Team Mixer on 12/21/15.  It’s something to be able to step out of your comfort zone and get up to speak to a group.  It helps when you are speaking your truth and truly want to share your heart to inspire people.  I spoke about my journey and how AdvoCare has changed my life.  Let’s connect and I can share it with you!




Let’s go All-In for 2016!!!

File_000 (1)It’s that time of year again… Time to look at myself and think about the goals that I want to accomplish for next year.  I’ve got some fitness goals ahead and some financial ones as well. I had a great 2015 and want to have an even better 2016!!! Come the new year I’m starting off with the 2016 All-In AdvoCare challenge and I’m joining the nation to begin on January 11th.  This year is going to be even bigger and better than last!

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It includes all of the products plus FREE shaker cup, FREE Shipping, FREE food prep containers FREE digital cookbook FREE goal band and AS ALWAYS FREE coaching, meal plan, food guide, shopping list and workouts from our team!

PreOrder NOW and you won’t be billed until it ships after Christmas (starting on 12/28). This offer is until January 4th or until supplies last for the freebie items so don’t delay!

Here’s an awesome call to listen in to my great leader Liz Cort explain this year’s challenge. She’s a mom, gym owner, trainer, and transformation specialist who has coached thousands!:



Come join me on Monday night 12/21 to hear about it in person from my  awesome friends and teammates, discuss your goals and have your questions answered!

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Hope to see you there and let’s do it!!



Drop me an email, shoot me a text 401-524-8104, or FB message me!

Being a Product of the Product

It’s been almost a year since I’ve begun my AdvoCare journey and I have never felt better!  My goal was to be in better shape and feel better in my 50’s than in my 40’s and I’m accomplishing my goal.  While I have lost weight and the scale certainly shows it, I am not hung up on numbers. I truly judge my progress towards my goals in terms of how I look and feel. I’ve adopted great habits of moving every day and have faithfully taken my supplements and eat 80/20 clean at this point to live a life of balance. (When doing  a challenge, including a cleanse, it’s 100% on program.)  So, while the scale hasn’t changed much recently, my body composition definitely has!!! Don’t mind the face… Al snapped the picture just as I was taking off for a walk and I turned suddenly and looked at him with a “Whatcha talkin ’bout, Willis?” look…LOL  I’m loving life the AdvoCare way!!


I take my MNS which is a bunch of vitamins and minerals.. nutrition in a box, and one of my favorite products, Catalyst which is branch chain amino acids which preserve lean muscle tissue while losing weight. Of course I still drink Spark and  enjoy Meal Replacement Shakes and/or bars when I am on the go so as to not skip meals. I am a product of the product for sure!  Get in touch to talk about your goals and we’ll find the right fit for you!!

PS… As great as Spark tastes and products work, they’re even better at a discount!!! Ask me how!


I’ve made a commitment to my health and wellness and my goal is to be in better shape at 50 than I was at 40! There are many steps along the way and it’s about taking one step at a time! I’m here to share with you my ups and downs and to help you along the way too. Although my title is Fit@50, this is really for all ages and we can do things together!

I’ve always been an active person who enjoys the outdoors and nature especially. However, as age (menopause) has set in as well as job responsibilities and complacency, my weight has crept up. More important than how I look though, is how I feel and what’s happening on the inside. My number 1 goal is to be healthy! This summer I made a tried and true commitment to crush my goal.

It began with an AdvoCare 24 day challenge and it was the boost I needed to commit to clean eating, fitness and taking care of myself. I loved it so much I decided to continue and have also begun helping others by becoming a distributor. Here’s where I was after just the 10 day cleanse portion of the challenge!!!


I continued on with the 24 day challenge and beyond and I’m continuing to see great results. Unfortunately, I broke a toe at the end of August and couldn’t wear shoes for 6 weeks. Just this weekend I celebrated being able to put on some sneakers and hit the elliptical at the gym!! Wooohooo!! No stopping me now!


Part of my positive and healthy lifestyle (and part of the challenge guidelines) is clean eating. I make it a point to do my food prep on Sundays so that I have all of my food ready to grab and go during the school week. It makes life so much easier!!


I’ll be blogging about ideas, recipes and helpful tips to make this journey as seamless as possible… and would love for you to come along with me. But for now, I just wanted to say HI!!

I hope you join me… and remember:


Where ever you are, It’s all good!