Being a Product of the Product

It’s been almost a year since I’ve begun my AdvoCare journey and I have never felt better!  My goal was to be in better shape and feel better in my 50’s than in my 40’s and I’m accomplishing my goal.  While I have lost weight and the scale certainly shows it, I am not hung up on numbers. I truly judge my progress towards my goals in terms of how I look and feel. I’ve adopted great habits of moving every day and have faithfully taken my supplements and eat 80/20 clean at this point to live a life of balance. (When doing  a challenge, including a cleanse, it’s 100% on program.)  So, while the scale hasn’t changed much recently, my body composition definitely has!!! Don’t mind the face… Al snapped the picture just as I was taking off for a walk and I turned suddenly and looked at him with a “Whatcha talkin ’bout, Willis?” look…LOL  I’m loving life the AdvoCare way!!


I take my MNS which is a bunch of vitamins and minerals.. nutrition in a box, and one of my favorite products, Catalyst which is branch chain amino acids which preserve lean muscle tissue while losing weight. Of course I still drink Spark and  enjoy Meal Replacement Shakes and/or bars when I am on the go so as to not skip meals. I am a product of the product for sure!  Get in touch to talk about your goals and we’ll find the right fit for you!!

PS… As great as Spark tastes and products work, they’re even better at a discount!!! Ask me how!